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Ohio motorist blames Nicolas Trucking, employee for vehicle collision

An Ohio motorist is suing a Center trucking company, its owner and one of its employees, alleging negligence for severe injuries the plaintiff says he sustained in a vehicle collision.

Oil rig inspector alleges Tailing practices illegal overtime pay policy

A Texas oil rig inspector is suing a Louisiana-based provider of third party inspections for the oil and gas industry, alleging it failed to provide him and other employees with overtime pay.

Sailboat racer blames crewmate for racing injuries

A Harris County man is suing a Corpus Christi resident, alleging negligence for injuries he says he sustained during a sailboat race.

Harris County man sues flooring business, alleges unsafe workplace

A Harris County man is suing the owner of a flooring business, alleging negligence for work-related injuries he says he sustained.

Demolition company sues general contractor, seeks payment for services

A Lewisville demolition company is suing a general contractor and bonding provider, alleging they failed to provide compensation for labor services.

Patient sues nursing home, alleging poor standard of care

A Dallas woman is suing a nursing home facility, alleging she was provided with inadequate medical care.

Family of man killed in 2013 rear-end collision sues driver, alleging negligence

The wife and son of a man killed in a 2013 car accident are suing their car insurance company and the Harrison County woman who allegedly caused the fatal accident.

Texas driver blames engineering employee for car collision

A Texas resident is suing an Oklahoma-based engineering firm and one of its employees, alleging they caused severe injuries he sustained in a car accident.

Worker sues Plano business, alleging failure to pay minimum wage, overtime

An employee is suing a Plano-based business, alleging it failed to provide her and other employees with a minimum wage and overtime pay.

Employee sues nursing home over on-the-job injuries and allegedly inadequate care

A Galveston County woman is suing a nursing home facility and the companies that operate it, claiming that they failed to provide her with proper medical care and treatment when she was severely injured while at work.

Fort Bend County woman sues senior living facility, alleging discrimination

An African-American woman from Fort Bend County is suing a retirement home community, alleging it engaged in discriminatory and unlawful employment practices.

Former dispatcher sues former employer, seeking overtime pay

A Louisiana man is is suing his former employer, alleging it failed to pay him when he worked overtime.

Two longtime Houston employees sue city, alleging wrongful termination

Two city of Houston employees are suing the city, alleging they were terminated for repeatedly engaging in the law-protected right of reporting discriminatory conduct within the workplace.

Former field technician sues Pason Systems, seeking overtime pay

A former field technician is suing his former employer, alleging it failed to compensate him and other employees when they worked overtime.

Harris County nurse alleges discrimination, retaliatory practices

A Harris County is suing a Pearland-based continuing care provider, alleging unlawful employment practices.

Galveston boat company alleges non-payment for services

A Galveston-based boat company is suing a subsea construction and inspection services provider, alleging failure to pay for provided services.

Shelby County man blames trucking employee for rear-end collision

A Shelby County man is suing a Wisconsin-based long haul trucking company and one of its employees, alleging injuries he sustained in a car wreck.

Plano man sues Houston collections agency regarding collection letter

A Plano man is suing a Houston-based commercial collections agency, alleging he received a collection letter despite having filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Company seeks payment for crewing services

A Singapore-based corporation is suing an oil and gas offshore services company, alleging failure to pay for requested services. Maritime Management Services Pte Ltd filed a lawsuit July 24 in the U.S.

Jefferson County woman alleges medical negligence at UT Medical Galveston branch

A Jefferson County woman is suing a University of Texas medical branch, alleging she suffered injuries while under the care of a nurse at a Galveston healthcare facility and unit of government.