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Companies sued for making scrap metal out of property it did not own

A trustee for several Texas families has filed suit against two companies for destroying, demolishing and dismantling various vehicles and other equipment without permission from the owners.

Obese man's bed sores not Christus' fault, jury concludes

When asked if a patient's bed sores were caused by the negligence of nurses at Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth, Jefferson County jurors emphatically answered "No!"

Beaumont woman sues to get out of contract

A Beaumont woman is asking the Jefferson County District Court to allow her out of a contract after the other party failed to fulfill its obligations.

Seaman sues after suffering crush injury to his hand

A seaman has filed a lawsuit against Gulf Copper and Transocean after his hand was crushed by a swinging valve.

Woman is sued for failing to stop at stop sign

A Nederland resident has been sued for allegedly failing to stop at a stop sign and crashing into another vehicle that had the right of way.

Seaman sues after struck in head by barge

A Louisiana resident has filed a lawsuit against his employer after he sustained injuries due to being struck in the head by a barge.

Company wants release from liability for services rendered

Sunoco has filed a petition for interpleader, alleging it is not sure who it owes for work performed on two of its properties.

Suit filed over wreck on East Lucas

A Hardin County woman blames a driver for injuries she claims to have sustained after the driver crashed into the vehicle in which she rode.

Woman sues stylist over botched highlighting job

GALVESTON � A Friendswood woman claims a botched highlighting job burned her scalp and stunted her hair's growth, recent court documents say.

City seeks immunity in tractor collision suit but fails to attend dismissal hearing

Arguing that it has governmental immunity, the city of Beaumont filed a motion to dismiss in a lawsuit over an employee who allegedly backed his tractor into plaintiff Joanna Prejean's vehicle.

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Man sues Goodwill for race discrimination

Not happy making $6 an hour, Earnest Sennet, a minority male, has filed a discrimination suit against Goodwill Industries, claiming the charitable organization pays its white janitors more.

After 35 years of employment, KCS worker sues over bum knees

For 35 years Travis Evans labored as a track worker for Kansas City Southern Railway.

Man sued for allegedly stealing, wrecking Nissan

GALVESTON - Two Galveston County residents are suing a Houston man after he allegedly stole and wrecked their vehicle, recent court documents say.

Galveston insurer sues remediation company over damaged bank records

GALVESTON - United Fire Lloyds claims NBD International Inc. deceitfully modified its storage rate for maintaining storm-damaged bank papers and deliberately delayed remediation and restoration, recent court documents say.

Trial lawyer tax break attracts attention of two dozen senators

Thune WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - One-quarter of the U.S. Senate has expressed concern that the U.S. Department of the Treasury may be planning to issue an order giving trial lawyers tax breaks on contingency fee lawsuits.

Recent real estate foreclosures filed in Jefferson County

Recent real estate foreclosures filed in Jefferson County, Jly 28-29, 2010.

Suit alleges preventable bedsore led to amputation

While in the care of Clairmont Beaumont, Richard Neumann developed a bedsore on his right heel. As a result, his leg was amputated. Neumann died a year later.

Couple claims finance company ruined their credit

GALVESTON - A Galveston County couple accuses Chase Home Finance LLC of mishandling a house payment made after Hurricane Ike and providing false information to credit bureaus, recent court documents say.

Galveston senior community sues over hurricane-damaged slab

GALVESTON - Arguing that it should be compensated for storm damage to its building's slab, Mansions at Moses Lake L.P. has filed suit against Max Specialty Insurance Co.