News from November 2014

Two protesters claim abuse while being peaceful

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 3, 2014

Two protesters say Wood County Sheriff's Department deputies abused them as they peacefully protested the placement of pipe across land.

Parents blame employer for son's death

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 3, 2014

The parents of a deceased man who was electrocuted after allegedly being placed on live wires blame his employer for causing his death.Dennis Deen Charters and Cathy Charters filed a lawsuit Sept. 11 in Jefferson County District Court against Source Helicopters, Rogers Helicopters and Lou Woodward.In their complaint, the Charters allege their son, Dennis Wade Charters was an electrical lineman who

Man says investment company didn't pay for roof work

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 3, 2014

A man alleges he lost nearly $5,000 after he provided labor and materials for roofing work.

Premcor claims property taxes are too high

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 3, 2014

Premcor Pipeline alleges it paid an unreasonable amount of property taxes in 2014.Premcor filed a lawsuit Sept. 12 in Jefferson County District Court against the Jefferson County Appraisal District.In its complaint, Premcor alleges the appraised value of its property exceeds market value and is therefore unlawful.Premcor seeks an unspecified judgment, plus an order that the appraisal district fix the

Men say they were injured in trucking accident

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 3, 2014

Two Jefferson County residents allege they suffered injuries in a trucking accident.Adam M. Montgomery and Moses Mayfield filed a lawsuit Sept. 12 in Jefferson County District Court against Aguilar and Son Trucking, Armando Aguilar Jr. and Armando Aguilar Sr.In their complaint, the plaintiffs allege Montgomery was driving east on state Highway 73 when Armando Aguilar Jr., who was towing a trailer in

Attorney files suit, says client didn't pay

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 3, 2014

An attorney has filed a lawsuit against his former client whom he alleges failed to pay him for his services.

Company says former salesman sold to its customers

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 3, 2014

A precious metal company has filed suit against its former salesman, alleging he sold crystals to its customers after he left the company.

More mail-in ballots send early voting totals up from last mid-term

By Marilyn Tennissen | Nov 3, 2014

For a mid-term election, early voting turnout in Jefferson County is up from the last mid-terms in 2010.

Reform group asks voters to remember judicial races

By Marilyn Tennissen | Nov 4, 2014

During this election season, the race for governor and the millions of dollars candidates Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis have spent on their campaigns have captured most of the media attention.

Legally Speaking: Judges you'd like to read

By John G. Browning | Nov 4, 2014

Let’s face it—when we usually think of judges, we think of them as little more than stern, humorless authority figures, perpetual bearers of a dour expression as if to remind all onlookers of the immense gravity of court proceedings.

Our View: Racist acts or ageist axe? Who knows, and who cares?

By Southeast Texas Record | Nov 4, 2014

When the Cowboys or the Texans play, it's easy to know who to root for – except when they play each other, as they did last month.

PERSONNEL FILE: Ford Nassen listed in Best Lawyers

By The SE Texas Record | Nov 4, 2014

DALLAS – Ford Nassen is pleased to announce that the firm is again listed as a Tier 1 Best Law Firm in the newest edition published by U.S. News.

Man says driver tried to speed away from accident

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 4, 2014

A man says he was forced to chase a driver who allegedly tried to flee a collision caused after the driver ran the red light.

Man accuses United Airlines of age discrimination

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 4, 2014

A Harris County man alleges his coworkers began treating him differently due to his advanced age.Wayne Anthony filed a lawsuit Sept. 16 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas against United Airlines.In his complaint, Anthony alleges he opted to accept an offer for a reduction in force early out program offered to United Airlines employees in 2008. As part of his benefits, he was

Mother says teacher's aide injured son

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 4, 2014

The mother of a minor child has filed suit against the Kilgore Independent School District after she alleges a teacher's aide caused a huge gash in his head.Amanda Norment alleges her child was attending pre-school at Kilgore Independent School District when Tina Prince yanked on his leg during nap time Oct. 2, 2012, to flip him over. "When Ms. Prince tried to forcefully flip the child, she hit the

Black man says he can't live in home because of racist neighbors

By Kelly Holleran | Nov 4, 2014

A black man has filed suit against a subdivision, alleging the owners of the land made false promises to him.David Lauord Dodd alleges he was renting to own a home at 114 Nob Hill Circle in Clearwater Bay, which is a subdivision in Malakoff. Dodd cleaned the land around the home but later found out there was a deed restricting anyone from living on the property."I was told to my face by a white female

Abbott cruises to victory for governor

By David Yates | Nov 4, 2014

AUSTIN – The $37 million state Sen. Wendy Davis raised this year wasn’t enough to overcome Attorney General Greg Abbott, Texas’ next governor.

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