Buzbee Law Firm reaps $35M jury verdict in trial between grocery owners

By David Yates | May 20, 2015

Plaintiff’s attorney Tony Buzbee recently hooked his client a $35 million jury verdict following a civil trial between rival grocers.

Plaintiff Rafael Ortega, owner of the grocer chain La Michoacana Meat Market, filed suit against Amin Abel and several other individuals and companies on Nov. 27, 2012, in Harris County District Court.

Other defendants listed in the suit include Mustafa Mohamad, Saeed Fatah, Super Bravo and Bravo Ranch.

Ortega alleges the defendants owned several stores and supermarkets in Harris County. On Nov. 7, 2007, he bought several of the defendants’ Mi Rancho properties for $7.5 million, court records show.

The agreement between the parties contained a non-compete agreement, which Ortega alleged the defendants violated.

At the start of May, the case went to trial and ended two weeks later.

The jury found that defendants Abel, Mustafa and Fatah failed to comply with the non-compete agreement, according the charge of the court, filed May 18.

Jurors awarded Ortega and his companies around $30 million in damages.

Jurors also awarded Ortega more than $5.2 million in exemplary damages, court records show.

Judge Dan Hinde, 269th District Court, presided over the trial.

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