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Court of appeals upholds judgment for SteelCo in breach of contract case against Radera

By Laura Halleman | Aug 23, 2017

BEAUMONT – SteelCo Inc. has won an appeal against Radera in the Court of Appeals, 9th District of Texas at Beaumont and has been granted judgment due to Radera’s alleged breach of contract.

Judge grants approval to $97.5 settlement against J.C. Penney

By Laura Halleman | Aug 8, 2017

TYLER – A Texas federal judge granted preliminary approval to an arrangement that requires J.C. Penney to pay $97.5 million to a group of investors who alleged in 2013 the retailer lied about its financial situation.

Jury reaches verdict, awards Eidos $4.1 million in LCD patent complaint

By Laura Halleman | Jul 24, 2017

YLER – A Texas jury awarded Eidos Display LLC and Eidos III LLC $4.1 million in damages in a lawsuit where it was found that an LCD panel maker knowingly violated a patent in the screen making process.

East Texas jury finds Microsoft Xbox doesn’t infringe patent

By Laura Halleman | Jun 20, 2017

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division ruled in favor of Microsoft Xbox and said it did not infringe a patent as claimed by Biscotti Inc.

Dana Cos. set to appeal $75 million asbestos verdict in New York court

By Laura Halleman | Mar 13, 2017

NEW YORK – Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden has set appeal brief deadlines for lawyers in Texas who lost in a case that ended in a $75 million asbestos exposure verdict for a Long Island couple after a nearly two-month long trial.

Three appointed by governor to Texas Judicial Council

By Laura Halleman | Mar 13, 2017

AUSTIN –  Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed three people to the Texas Judicial Council, with two appointments set to expire June 30, 2021, and one appointment set to expire June 30, 2019.

Proposed Senate bill calling for hailstorm litigation reform finds favor in insurance industry

By Laura Halleman | Feb 22, 2017

AUSTIN – Texas lawmakers have filed Senate Bill 10 in an effort to pass legislation that would decrease, or halt altogether, hailstorm litigation abuse.

Paxton files petition on EPA's sulfur dioxide standards

By Laura Halleman | Feb 16, 2017

AUSTIN – A petition has been filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in the U.S.  Court of Appeals in the 5th Circuit and the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court requesting that the air quality standards for sulfur dioxide, as issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, be reviewed.

State Farm claims policy does not cover Echo Maintenance in suit involving port-a-potty

By Laura Halleman | Feb 14, 2017

BEAUMONT – State Automobile Mutual Insurance Co. has filed a complaint in a Texas court asking that it be excluded from defending Echo Maintenance, who is being sued for alleged negligence after a man was hit crossing the road after exiting a port-a-potty owned by the construction company.

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