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Houston international law firm adds two new partners

By Michelle de Leon | Dec 27, 2016

HOUSTON – Andrews Kurth Kenyon, an international law firm based with an office in Houston, Texas, has added two new partners who will assume their new roles on Jan. 1.

New family law firm opens in Houston

By Michelle de Leon | Dec 27, 2016

HOUSTON – Two widely known family law attorneys have established a new law firm in Houston, Texas to cater to cases involving adoption, divorce, and other related matters.

Honey importers dismissed from alleged conspiracy and transshipment suit

By Michelle de Leon | Dec 19, 2016

A district court judge has ordered the final dismissal of a class action lawsuit, which included a Texas-based honey processor, as one of the defendants in an alleged global conspiracy to transship Chinese honey.

SCOTUS to reviews transgender teen’s bathroom discrimination case

By Michelle de Leon | Nov 23, 2016

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to make a decision on the socially divisive issue of bathroom policy involving transgender rights. The outcome of this deliberation is anticipated to affect not only the parties of the case, but also those fighting the same battles across the country.

Korean company loses patent infringement trial over smartphone technology

By Michelle de Leon | Oct 26, 2016

MARSHALL -- LG Electronics Inc. was found guilty for infringing two patents for smartphones that were owned by Core Wireless Licensing.

Verizon seeks to save Sprint from paying $12.5 million to CenturyLink

By Michelle de Leon | Oct 24, 2016

Sprint Communications Co. has found an ally in Verizon Communications Inc. as the latter calls for an appellate court to nullify the decision of a lower court in relation to the case brought by CenturyLink Inc.

Houston strip clubs settle dancers’ labor lawsuit for $1.1 million

By Michelle de Leon | Oct 6, 2016

HOUSTON – Dancers of four strip clubs in Houston are set to receive $1.1 million from their former employers as settlement to a labor case, alleging that they were incorrectly categorized as independent contractors.

Nueces County motorcycle accident victim’s heirs lose summary judgment case

By Michelle de Leon | Sep 26, 2016

CORPUS CHRISTI – A defendant in a case involving a helmet worn in motorcycle accident in Nueces County was awarded a summary judgment to dismiss the suit against them.

Texas bank wins collateral estoppel appeal against insurance agency

By Michelle de Leon | Sep 13, 2016

BEAUMONT – A Texas bank has won its appeal of a summary judgment based upon collateral estoppel.

Financial groups seek forum-selection clause appeal against Montgomery County trial court

By Michelle de Leon | Sep 12, 2016

BEAUMONT (Legal Newsline) – Financial groups have filed a petition for a writ of mandamus to compel the trial court to enforce a contractual forum-selection clause.

Obama seeks second chance for illegal aliens in Texas immigration case

By Michelle de Leon | Jul 28, 2016

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration wants to convince the Supreme Court to reconsider the decision in U.S. v. Texas, noting that nine justices must be present in the vote to finalize the ruling.

ExxonMobil responds to massive subpoena over climate change by suing Mass. AG

By Michelle de Leon | Jul 6, 2016

FORT WORTH – In its latest response to a climate change fraud probe by a coalition of U.S. attorney generals, ExxonMobil filed its own suit against Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Tracy Healey in the Fort Worth Division of the Northern District of Texas on June 15.

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