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Texas should be a model for California, not a target

By The Record | Jan 22, 2019

“No state comes close to Texas when it comes to the fossil fuel industry,” said Exxon attorney Ralph Duggins, arguing that climate change lawsuits filed by California municipalities “affect Texas’ biggest commercial market – that’s oil.”

Exxon argues for Texas justice as it defends self from climate change lawsuits

By David Yates | Jan 17, 2019

FORT WORTH – Texas justices will soon decide whether California municipalities took aim at Texas-based free speech by bringing climate change lawsuits against ExxonMobil, a Texas company, in California courts.

If you want to mess with Texas, do it in Texas

By The Record | Oct 9, 2018

California municipalities trying to shake down Texas-based ExxonMobil with climate-change lawsuits got the tables turned on them in January when Exxon filed a petition in Tarrant County District Court here in Texas, seeking pre-suit discovery for a potential lawsuit against them.

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