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MyOfficeProducts Inc. alleges individual used confidential information without consent

Philip Gonzales Oct. 30, 2017, 5:08pm

HOUSTON – An office supply company alleges a former employee residing in Harris County misappropriated confidential information.

Desiccated by Judicial Dereliction

Mark Pulliam Sep. 25, 2017, 3:25pm

Originalism is a two-way street. Judges wishing to interpret the Constitution in accordance with its original public meaning must not import into their decisions policy proscriptions not actually derived from the text and structure of that document. Just as important is that textualism and originalism require judges to give force to all provisions of the Constitution, and not pick and choose which clauses to enforce.

Woman alleges water on fall caused fall at Houston movie theater

Lhalie Castillo Aug. 24, 2017, 6:36am

HOUSTON – A Brazoria County moviegoer alleges she was injured at a Houston movie theater and is seeking more than $200,000 in damages.

Consumer accuses energy exploration company of phone harassment

Philip Gonzales May 31, 2017, 2:10pm

SHERMAN — A Texas consumer has filed a class action lawsuit against an oil and gas exploration company, alleging violation of telephone harassment statutes.

Mother accuses health care providers of negligence during delivery

Philip Gonzales Nov. 22, 2016, 2:13pm

HOUSTON — A Texas City mother and her newborn child are suing health care providers, alleging their negligence led to the child suffering injuries during delivery. 

Customer blames Dollar General for fall

Philip Gonzales Oct. 31, 2016, 1:15pm

GALVESTON — A Galveston County man is suing Dollar General, alleging negligence led the to the plaintiff suffering injuries. 

Assistant manager accuses Dollar General operator of discrimination

Philip Gonzales Oct. 21, 2016, 2:45pm

SHERMAN — A Denton woman is suing Dollar General, alleging employment discrimination and wrongful termination.

Two vocational nurses accuse nursing home operators of failure to pay overtime

Philip Gonzales Sep. 15, 2016, 11:43am

GALVESTON — Two Galveston licensed vocational nurses are suing nursing home facility operators, alleging failure to pay proper overtime. 

Employee accuses parking garage manager of gender discrimination

Philip Gonzales Aug. 12, 2016, 12:42pm

HOUSTON — A Harris County woman is suing a parking garage manager, alleging gender and pregnancy discrimination.

Disabled physician accuses insurer of fraud

Philip Gonzales Aug. 8, 2016, 3:29pm

BEAUMONT — A disabled Texas family physician is suing an insurer and its parent company, alleging breach of contract and fraud.

Tyler truck driver blames Tennessee corporation for crash injuries

Wadi Reformado May 5, 2016, 2:07pm

TYLER — A Tyler truck driver is suing a Tennessee company, alleging its negligence caused her injuries in a crash.

Employee alleges Community Health Systems practiced gender discrimination

Carrie Bradon Jan. 21, 2016, 12:32pm

HOUSTON — A female worker is suing her past employer, alleging discrimination based on her gender.

Man sues Lion Oil, driver claiming negligence

Carrie Bradon Jan. 15, 2016, 4:11pm

MARSHALL—A Texas man is suing a driver and trucking company for negligence after a car accident that was allegedly caused by the defendant.