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Former employee non-suits KCSR

After nine months of litigation, Kansas City Southern Railway has been non-suited by a former employee.

Plaintiff takes on additional counsel in case against ExxonMobil

Plaintiff Christopher Waldon recently added additional counsel in a case alleging ExxonMobil failed to warn him to use "a higher standard of care when loading and unloading" pipes.

Nursing home accused of not administering meds, twice

A lawsuit accusing a nursing home of twice forgetting to administer medications to a patient, resulting in two separate hospitalizations, was recently filed.

Mother, child sue motorist for collision two years ago

Nearly two years ago, Angie Reyna and her minor child were allegedly injured in a motor vehicle collision.

Asbestos suit faults 15 companies for man's death

Blevins The wife of the late Milton Deculus has filed suit against American Optical and 14 other companies, alleging the defendants exposed her husband to asbestos and caused his death.

Port Arthur residents in litigation over collision

Hilda Rawlins has filed suit against Port Arthur resident Milton Trass for allegedly causing a motor vehicle collision earlier this year.

Business partners wage legal battle for control of grocery store

Shahid Karim has filed suit against his business partner, Masood Ahmed Khuhro, alleging the defendant is attempting to wrestle away his shares of their business.

22 companies sued for man's asbestos exposure

Blevins A lawsuit alleging the late William Earl Davis was negligently exposed to asbestos was filed against A.W. Chesterton, along with 21 other companies.

Plaintiff's attorneys designate themselves as expert witnesses

Bob Monk Plaintiff's attorneys Brandon and Bob Monk have designated themselves as expert witnesses in a case they filed last August.

Our representatives need to know which way the wind is blowing

Self-government requires self-government. We must control ourselves, or be controlled by others. We can be virtuous and free or vicious and enslaved. There is no other choice.

Wal-mart, McDonalds settle slip and fall

A final judgment has been entered in a slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against Wal-mart and McDonalds last August.

Beaumont residents in litigation over collision

Two years ago, Zachary Hardy allegedly ran a stop sign and struck a vehicle being driven by Pamela Thomas.

Justices affirm immunity ruing in property destruction case against city of Beaumont

Justices seated on the Texas Ninth Court of Appeals determined a local judge did not err in granting governmental immunity to the city of Beaumont in a property destruction case.

Chevy dealership sued for issuing inspection sticker to SUV with bad tires

Tracy MARSHALL - After a fatal SUV rollover accident, a Chevrolet dealership is facing a wrongful death lawsuit that claims it should not have issued the vehicle a state inspection sticker.

Hospice employee wants overtime wages for off-the-clock work

TYLER - An east Texas hospice employee is suing her employer claiming the company is failing to pay its employees overtime for time worked off the clock.

Former deputy sues Jefferson County, claims he lost job due to military leave

A former Jefferson County deputy sheriff has filed a lawsuit against the county alleging wrongful termination in violation of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

Telecommunications company sues over severed fiber optic cable

TYLER - A New Jersey communications company has filed a lawsuit against a Longview construction company after the company severed a fiber optic cable while excavating.

Shopper sues Wal-Mart, claims mental distress after detention for shoplifting

LUFKIN - A Wal-Mart customer has filed a lawsuit against the store claiming she and her daughter are suffering from flashbacks after being wrongfully detained by an employee for shoplifting.

Suit alleges side step fell and struck rig worker's head

Jorge Garza has filed suit against E.A. Collins & Sons, alleging an improperly welded side step broke loose and struck him in the head.

Capital One seeks $17K from debtor

Capital One Bank has filed suit against Beaumont resident William Goodman, seeking to collect more than $17,000 on a delinquent credit account.