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Couple files suit following I-45 accident

A Galveston County couple has sued a driver for alleged negligence in a highway accident.

Homeowner accuses contractor of breach

A Galveston County man has sued a contractor, alleging failure to properly fulfill a home improvement agreement.

Homeowner wants full compensation from insurer

A Galveston County woman has sued an insurance company and a consulting group on a 2012 claim regarding the plaintiff’s insured property.

Man accuses transport company of discrimination

A Harrison County man is suing his former employer, alleging unlawful termination.

Contractor says company breached contract

An independent contractor has sued a construction company and a third party for alleged breach of contract.

Financial professional alleges civil rights violation

A Louisiana woman has sued her former employer, alleging violation of the Civil Rights Act.

Restaurant worker files sexual harassment suit

A woman has sued her employer, alleging sex discrimination and harassment between 2011 and 2012.

Mother says wrongly insurer denied coverage

A Galveston County mother has sued a major health insurance company, alleging breach of good faith and violation of business over alleged denial of coverage.

Engineer accuses Valero of racial discrimination

A Harris County resident has sued his employer, alleging violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

New business licenses/assumed names issued in Jefferson County

Feb. 18 - 24-2015

Jefferson County 58th Court District Docket: April 2015


RM&Q law firm reaps $24M verdict from Caterpillar in wrongful death trial


‘Loser pays’ motion filed in wrongful termination claim

Loser pays

Where Texas became Texas


Is Patrick Racz a genuine inventor, or just another patent troll?

Don't you hate it when someone takes credit for your idea before you've even had it?

Worker sues equipment maker for injuries

A man has sued an industrial equipment manufacturer for alleged negligence and product liability.

Widow accuses U.S. government of medical malpractice

A Cameron County widow filed suit against the United States, alleging medical malpractice in a surgical procedure performed in 2013 on her late husband.

Fired worker claims disability discrimination

A worker has sued his former employer, alleging discrimination and wrongful termination.

Couple blames school, officer for son's injuries

A Harris County couple has sued on behalf of their child against a police officer and a school district.

Widow sues helicopter company, alleging wrongful death

A woman has sued a Galveston County helicopter transport company in the death of her husband.