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Class action filed over recalled Similac baby formula

Brandner NEW ORLEANS-A day after the makers of Similac issued a recall on infant formula, a federal class action was filed accusing the manufacturers of unfairly and deceptively promoting the product as having safe ingredients for infant consumption when the ingredients may cause diarrhea and other health problems.

Seaman sues after struck in head by barge

A Louisiana resident has filed a lawsuit against his employer after he sustained injuries due to being struck in the head by a barge.

Woman is sued for failing to stop at stop sign

A Nederland resident has been sued for allegedly failing to stop at a stop sign and crashing into another vehicle that had the right of way.

Seaman sues after suffering crush injury to his hand

A seaman has filed a lawsuit against Gulf Copper and Transocean after his hand was crushed by a swinging valve.

Beaumont woman sues to get out of contract

A Beaumont woman is asking the Jefferson County District Court to allow her out of a contract after the other party failed to fulfill its obligations.

Companies sued for making scrap metal out of property it did not own

A trustee for several Texas families has filed suit against two companies for destroying, demolishing and dismantling various vehicles and other equipment without permission from the owners.

Man sues after falling off bench at YMBL fair

An Orange County resident has filed a lawsuit after he sat on a bench at the South Texas State Fair and it collapsed.

Lawsuit filed after rear end collision on Eastex service road

Regina and Phillip Salter filed suit against Clear Channel Communications and Kevin Donald Born after Born allegedly failed to stop at a red light and rear-ended the Salters' vehicle.

Beach house investors sue to recover funds

Several Jefferson County residents have filed a lawsuit to recover investments funds that were allegedly made based on false promises and material misrepresentations.

Wal-Mart sued after customer slips and falls

A Wal-Mart shopper has filed a lawsuit after slipping in water and falling.

Lawsuit accuses refinery of exposing employees to toxic chemicals

The family of a deceased refinery worker has filed a lawsuit against the facilities for allowing employees to be exposed to benzene and other chemicals.

Lien holder files lawsuit to seize equipment

A lien holder is asking the Jefferson County District Court to enforce a lien by seizing equipment and requiring the Beaumont purchaser to pay the past due balance.

Beaumont corporation sues bank for improperly processing credit card transactions

A Beaumont corporation has filed a lawsuit against an Irving bank for breach of contract due to the bank's failure to properly process credit card transactions.

Refinery sued after terminating contractor who reported alleged theft ring

A contractor for the Valero Port Arthur facility is suing the company for breach of contract after he claims he was terminated for reporting an alleged theft ring at the refinery.

Beaumont divorce attorney sued for malpractice

A Beaumont attorney is accused of committing attorney malpractice in a recent lawsuit filed in Jefferson County.

Convicted Lamar student sues to obtain doctoral diploma

Siringi A year after receiving an 18-month sentence to federal prison for sending threatening communications to Lamar University and its staff, former doctoral candidate Daniel Siringi is suing the school in an effort to obtain his diploma.

Driver who caused collision sued for failing to stay alert

After being involved in an automobile collision, Keith Burrell has filed a lawsuit against Betty Hamill and Melvin Sims.

Rental company sues to collect past due balance

In an effort to recover a past due balance of almost $10,000, Eastex Rental & Supply filed a lawsuit against Mc-OO Inc., doing business as MC-O Construction, on July 20 in Jefferson County District Court.

Orange County resident sues over motor vehicle collision

Orange County resident Kyle Dubose has filed a lawsuit against CTL Transportation and Jimmy R. Dickerson after Dickerson failed to yield the right of way causing a collision.

Coca-Cola sued after driver causes wreck.

Lawrence Andrepont has filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola after one of its drivers allegedly failed to maintain his lane of travel and crashed into Andrepont's vehicle.