News from September 2007

Anniversary of Proposition 12 marked by record number of new Texas physicians

By The SE Texas Record | Sep 11, 2007

In anticipation of the fourth anniversary of Proposition 12, the Texas constitutional amendment to help curb health care lawsuit abuse in Texas that took effect Sept. 13, 2003, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) noted dramatically expanded health care and a record number of new physicians now treating Texans.

Beaudry sued for wrongful death after settling med-mal suit

By David Yates | Sep 11, 2007

Patients consenting to surgery are informed of the risks. When Darlene Spears went under the knife, she emerged alive but suffered complications.

Judge denies continuance, benzene trial scheduled

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Sep 11, 2007

Michael Schmidt MARSHALL -- After 27 years of working as a pressman, Charles Wilson claims he developed myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) from exposure to benzene. Wilson's allegations will be heard by a jury on Nov. 13, just 16 months after initiating the product liability suit.

Legally Speaking; Sue the bulldozer company, and get crushed by common sense

By John G. Browning | Sep 11, 2007

The family of a woman killed trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home in 2003 has been trying-to date unsuccessfully-to sue Caterpillar, Inc., the American manufacturer of the bulldozer used in the demolition.

Million dollar helicopter contract suit transferred to JC

By David Yates | Sep 11, 2007

A Webb County suit claiming a helicopter company is refusing to transfer a certificate of ownership to a medical air rescue company has been transferred to Jefferson County District Court.

Tons of documents shredded to prevent ID theft

By The SE Texas Record | Sep 11, 2007

Almost 14 tons of documents were disposed of at the Sept. 8 "Shred It & Forget It" event sponsored by the BBB. On Sept. 8, around 14 tons of documents were safely destroyed at the third annual "Shred It & Forget It" event sponsored by the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Texas.

Jury levies $1.5 M verdict against Christus

By David Yates | Sep 12, 2007

David Matthews During the last minutes of the wrongful death trial of Irene Salas et al vs. Christus Health Southeast Texas, plaintiff's lawyer David Mathews told jurors that "the Salas family is not here to make millions (of dollars) but to make sure this never happens again," adding that he himself, however, would "reasonably compensate" the Salas' with a $10 million verdict.

Beaulieu recognized with Star of Texas award

By Marilyn Tennissen | Sep 12, 2007

Beaumont police officer Lisa Beaulieu Beaumont police officer Lisa Beaulieu was among 27 law enforcement officers and first responders to receive the Star of Texas Award from Gov. Rick Perry. The annual award is given to recognize officers killed or seriously injured in the line of duty and to honor the first responders' commitment to protecting the safety of the state's citizens.

Texarkana Triangle haven for Texas motor vehicle product liability suits

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Sep 12, 2007

Judge T. John Ward TEXARKANA, Texas -- Within the last four years, the "Texarkana Triangle" has received more than 52 percent of Texas motor vehicle product liability suits.

Falling merchandise injures woman shopping at Victoria's Secret

By David Yates | Sep 12, 2007

Victoria's Secret at Parkdale Mall Normally the only danger lurking in a Victoria's Secret is a "significant other" lying in wait to catch a two-timer shopping for someone else. But there may be a far greater peril than jealous spouses � plastic fragrance spray bottles and aroma glass candles seated on high shelves.

Expo to showcase best of Southeast Texas business

By The SE Texas Record | Sep 12, 2007

The Greater Beaumont and Greater Port Arthur Chambers of Commerce are ready to roll out the red carpet at the 2007 Southeast Texas Business Expo.

Appeals Court ruling keeps 'junk science' testimony out of lawsuit

By David Yates | Sep 12, 2007

Justices on the Ninth Court of Appeals released an opinion on Sept. 6 banning the so-called "junk science" testimony of Dr. Andrew Campbell. Campbell theorized a local family's illness resulted from molds in their home, diagnosing them with indoor exposure to mycotoxins.

Woman collides with pallet jack sues Wal-Mart

By Michelle Massey, East Texas Bureau | Sep 12, 2007

MARSHALL -- Two days before Christmas in 2005, Dawn Howell was shopping in a Longview Wal-Mart when she fell after colliding with a pallet jack. Howell filed suit against Wal-Mart on Sept. 10 in the Marshall division of the Eastern District of Texas.

Recent real estate foreclosures filed in Jefferson County

By David Yates | Sep 13, 2007

- Citimortgage Inc. has filed an order for foreclosure application on the property of Michael and Andrea Breen.

Couple sues Farmers for denying claims on 14 properties

By David Yates | Sep 13, 2007

When Hurricane Rita hit, Freddie and Zohreh Shahrodi owned 14 homes in the Beaumont area, most of which were in the West End. Once the couple assessed the damage to their properties, they submitted claims to their insurance companies, Texas Farmers Insurance and Fire Insurance Exchange, who "summarily denied at least a portion of the claims without an adequate investigation."

$47 debt leads to federal suit

By David Yates | Sep 13, 2007

Fed up with harassing phone calls from a collection agency over a $47 debt, Donnie Schakosky is suing NCO Financial Systems, Inc. He says the debt is not his and yet the company has called his work numerous times and ruined his reputation with his employer.

Persuasive Tex. Dems recruit veteran, web-star for SC vote stoush

By Rob Luke | Sep 13, 2007

Judge Linda Yanez AUSTIN -- A second woman has joined the Democratic Party race to confront sitting Texas Supreme Court Justice Phil Johnson in next year's statewide election.

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