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Galveston judges consider plans to streamline potential Hurricane Ike lawsuits

GALVESTON � As Sunday, Nov. 30, marked the end of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season, residents from Belize to Bermuda breathed a sigh of relief.

Some Hurricane Rita suits going to Bexar County MDL

John Specia AUSTIN - Retired Bexar County Judge John Specia will preside over pretrial proceedings in 16 Hurricane Rita suits, the Texas Multidistrict Litigation Panel has decided.

Clerk's office braces for second coming of Hurricane Ike

In the three years since Hurricane Rita struck, thousands of lawsuits have been filed in Golden Triangle courts. And now with Hurricane Ike in the rear view mirror, Jefferson County is expecting Ike suits to eclipse Rita-related filings.

City settles suit with man who claims he was injured while in an ambulance

While most people call an ambulance because they're injured, Curtis Guillory claimed he was injured because of riding in an ambulance.

Morgan drops his suit against divorce attorney he fired

John Morgan Only days before his divorce became final in late October, attorney John Morgan fired his divorce attorney, G. Michael Jamail, and then filed a lawsuit against him claiming he was divulging confidential information.

Court records show expert witness not in hospital when judge granted continuance

Brad Allen JASPER � In April, Houston attorney Brad Allen asked Jefferson County District Judge Donald Floyd to delay the start of a trial because his expert witness lay in a hospital bed with spinal injuries after falling from a horse.

Suit claims hospital failed to treat infant in timely manner

Two Hardin County residents have filed suit against Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital and a doctor, alleging their infant son was not treated in a timely or appropriate manner when they brought him to the hospital.

Worker claims construction company did not live up to employment contract

A Louisiana man has filed a breach of contract complaint against One Stop Construction and Restoration, alleging it did not give him a three-year notice as outlined in a contract before it terminated him.

Help clinics, live chats offer free legal services to Texas hurricane victims

Several of the state's legal aid organizations are offering a variety of free services to help victims of Hurricane Ike deal with legal problems.

Suit alleges post office unsafe work environment

MARSHALL -- After only a few hours of training, Donald Smith claims he was crushed by a rack of mail while unloading it at the post office. He is now suing the post office for failing to provide a safe working environment.

Port Arthur couple sues Allstate over Hurricane Rita claim

Steve Mostyn A Jefferson County couple has filed suit against Allstate Texas Lloyd's and four adjusters, alleging they were not paid money to which they were entitled after Hurricane Rita destroyed sections of their home.

Elderly woman on casino trip claims bus driver left her in parking lot

Brian White Like many Southeast Texans, a Harris County woman boarded a bus for a trip to one of the casinos just across the state line in Louisiana.

Judge Floyd threatens to hold lawyers in contempt during med-mal trial

Judge Donald Floyd Following several outbursts, a medical-malpractice trial came to a brief halt on Wednesday, Dec. 3, when Judge Donald Floyd had the bailiff escort jurors out of his court so he could mediate a dispute between the opposing attorneys.

Family sues Ford, Firestone after Explorer rollover kills passenger

TEXARKANA, Ark. � Eight years after the voluntary recall of Bridgestone/Firestone tires, another lawsuit has been filed by the family of the victim of a fatal Ford Explorer rollover allegedly caused by the tires.

Woman sues over misleading house note

A Jefferson County woman has filed suit against Master Financial and Housing Opportunities of Texas, claiming she lost more than $10,000 after the sale of her home because of misleading information the companies supplied.

Med-mal suit blames doctor, Renaissance for woman's misdiagnosis

A Groves couple has filed suit against a Jefferson County doctor and Renaissance Hospital, alleging the woman's condition worsened because the doctor failed to properly diagnose her.

Insurer, adjusters sued over Hurricane Rita claim

A Jefferson County couple has filed suit against Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, ICA Adjusters and five of its adjusters, alleging they were not paid money to which they were entitled after Hurricane Rita destroyed sections of their home.

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Appeals court rules estate of woman killed by hurricane still owes debt on house

Justice Hollis Horton Hurricane Rita killed Bertha Costello, but according to the Ninth District appeals court in Beaumont, it didn't transform her from homeowner to renter.

Another suit blames insurer, adjusters for not paying full hurricane claim

A Jefferson County woman has filed suit against Capitol County Mutual Fire Insurance Company and two adjusters, alleging she was not paid money to which she was entitled after Hurricane Rita destroyed sections of her home.