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58th Court District 2/2012


Man accused of syphoning clients dismissed from suit

Sheldon A security corporation, who sued a former sales manager for allegedly using the company's confidential information to syphon clients, has dismissed the defendant.

Supercuts stylist non-suits employer from injury claim

Oxford A notice of non-suit has been filed in a suit brought by Beaumont resident Felicia Ceaser, who sued Supercuts and Handy Husband -- the installers of a cabinet, which she claims, fell on her while retrieving a towel.

Final judgment entered in attorney's suit over property taxes

A final judgment was recently entered in a Beaumont trial lawyer's property tax suit against the Jefferson County Appraisal District.

Bar remains in drunk-driving suit after other defendants dismissed

A partial take-nothing judgment has been entered in a personal injury lawsuit accusing an area man of driving while intoxicated.

Shrimper gets hand mangled by winch drum, sues employer

Seaman Cong Van Pham is suing Tim Nguyen and his company, My Julie Corp., alleging it was the defendants' fault he got his hand caught in a winch drum.

Silsbee man sues insurer over auto crash

A Silsbee man claims his insurance company refuses to reimburse him for all of the medical bills he incurred after he sustained injuries in an accident with an under insured driver.

Car backing out of driveway leads to lawsuit

A man has filed suit against the driver who he claims backed out of a driveway, striking his vehicle.

Woman, children sue over wreck on Folsom

A Beaumont woman alleges she and two children sustained various injuries after a driver backed out of a driveway and struck the vehicle in which they were riding.

Man sues over injuries at American Legion hall

A Beaumont man alleges an insurance company and an American Legion post where he sustained injuries refuse to pay him more than $20,000 they allegedly owe him under a settlement agreement.

Nederland residents file suit against builder

Two Nederland residents have filed suit against the builder they claim breached his warranty in agreeing to repair various damages to their homes.

Failure to control vehicle speed leads to lawsuit

A man claims he incurred medical costs after a driver failed to control his speed and rear-ended the man's vehicle.

Three Beaumont residents sue over rear-end collision

Three Beaumont residents have filed suit against the driver who they claim rear-ended the vehicle in which they were riding.

Trucking company sued after driver changes lanes, hits vehicle

A 1996 Toyota Camry MARSHALL - A trucking company is being sued after one of its employees improperly changed lanes and struck another vehicle.

Pharmacist files disability discrimination after losing job

A pharmacist has filed a discrimination suit against her former employer claiming that she was terminated after requesting an accommodation for her disability.

New Yorker sues bank in Orange over not displaying notice of ATM fees

A New Yorker has filed a lawsuit against a bank located in Orange, claiming that the bank was in violation of federal regulations by not displaying notice of ATM fees.

Fast-food manager files gender, age discrimination lawsuit

LUFKIN - An assistant manager for a Wendy's restaurant has filed a gender and age discrimination lawsuit, claiming she was forced to quit when upper management wouldn't stop the harassment.

Manager files age discrimination suit after being replaced by younger worker

SHERMAN - A lumber company general manager has filed an age discrimination after he lost his job and was replaced by a younger manager.

Suit over bad boat deal disposed

GALVESTON - A lawsuit which targeted a League City attorney for reneging on a boat business deal has recently been disposed.

Order of dismissal entered in drunk driver suit

GALVESTON - A final order of dismissal was entered into a Pearland man's December 2010 lawsuit against a motorist from League City.