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Recent patent infringement cases filed in the Eastern District of Texas


New business licenses/assumed names issued in Jefferson County

License #: 8407

Our View: Our own 'King Floyd'

There actually was a King Floyd -- at least three of them, in fact. King Floyd III was a soul singer from New Orleans who tried to launch his music career in Los Angeles in the late 1960s after a stint in the Army. Having less success than he’d hoped for out in La La Land, he returned to his hometown and got a job at the Post Office.

Texas SC justices hold financial edge over Democratic challengers

AUSTIN, Texas (Legal Newsline) – A heated primary battle may have given the incumbent Texas Supreme Court justices up for re-election a financial edge, or at least a head start, over their Democratic challengers.

General Motors named in negligence claim after fatal accident

A Texas man and his daughter are suing over claims the Saturn vehicle their relative was driving had multiple safety concerns, causing fatal injuries. 

Dallas County couple trying to buy condo sues owner, claiming breach of contract

A Dallas County couple is suing an Ohio condominium owner, claiming breach of contract.

Texas City man sued for $1M on claims he caused a car accident

An Alabama man is suing over claims he was injured during a car accident.

Farmers Insurance, agent sued for allegedly refusing to repair hail damage

A Tarrant County couple is suing Texas Farmers Insurance Co. for allegedly refusing to pay for all insurance covered damages to their home.

Foremost Lloyds, agent named in breach of contract claim over hail damage

A Grapevine resident is suing home insurance company claiming the insurer refuses to pay for all covered damages to their home. 

Genesis Marine sued after seaman injured on vessel

A seaman is suing after sustaining injuries while working aboard a vessel.

Marathon Petroleum sued after worker injured in explosion

A Galveston County man is suing over claims he was severely injured in an explosion at a refinery that occurred when a flare line was improperly isolated.

Aggregate campaign contribution limits do not prevent corruption, Supreme Court rules

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) – Citing corruption as a non-issue, the Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down overall campaign contribution limits.

City of Sante Fe sued over police officer wages

The Santa Fe Police Officers Association is suing over claims the city breached a collective bargaining contract.

Cleopatra Shipping Agency, Kirby Marine sued after Galveston collision postpones cruise departure

A group of Texas cruise passengers are suing over damages sustained when a departure date was postponed.

Universal Field Services sued over gender discrimination

An Angelina County woman is suing over claims she was sexually harassed at work and fired for reporting it.

Dallas area bar sued for performances of copyrighted music

A group of copyright holders is suing over claims an establishment in The Colony illegally performed copyrighted music. 

City of Galveston sued for negligent street maintenance by injured motorcyclist

A Harris County man is suing over claims he lost control of his motorcycle due to streets in disrepair.

Accident on I-20 results in lawsuit

A Louisiana resident is suing after being involved in a motor vehicle collision on Interstate 20.

Nursing home sued for FMLA, workers' comp violations

A Fort Bend County resident is suing after being terminated from her employment with Garden Terrace Alzheimer's Center of Excellence.

Collision on MLK in Beaumont results in negligence lawsuit

Two Jefferson County residents are suing after being involved in a motor vehicle collision.