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Woman files suit against truck driver for injuries sustained in crash

A woman is suing a truck driver for injuries she sustained in a traffic collision.

Woman files suit against truck driver for injuries sustained in crash

A woman is suing a truck driver for injuries she sustained in a traffic collision.

Families file suit against GM over crash deaths

The families of two young people who died in a car crash are suing the car company on claims the crash related to defective ignition switches in the vehicle. 

Diving business sues insurance company over denial of claim

A business is suing an insurance company, alleging violations of consumer protection laws.

Father files suit against apartment complex owners over boy's injuries

A father is suing the owners of an apartment complex after his son was allegedly injured on their property.

Man sues driver over Beaumont crash

A man is suing a driver over injuries sustained in a Beaumont traffic crash.

Cancer center sues another facility over patients

A cancer treatment center is suing a similar facility over exclusivity rights to patients.

Woman sues over traffic collision injuries

A woman is suing another driver for injuries she sustained in an accident.

Widower sues driver on behalf of child in wife's death

A widowed husband is suing on behalf of his child after his wife was killed in a car crash. 

Correctional officer sues sheriff over termination

A female jailer is suing the county and sheriff on claims she was fired because she complained about racial discrimination.

Family sues Exxon over worker's death from alleged benzene exposure

The widow and children of a deceased refinery worker are suing the man's employer over his death.

Mother sues driver, company over crash injuries

A mother is suing another driver and the company he works for on behalf of her son.

School employee claims termination due to reporting fire hazards

A veteran worker of a school system is suing on allegations that she was fired for calling the fire department about an unsafe situation in a warehouse.

Company asks court for permanent injunction to stop takeover

A company is suing a corporation in an attempt to stop a hostile takeover.

Software developer sues Texas law firms

A foreign software developer is suing a Texas law firm and several attorneys on claims of copyright infringement and illegal distribution of its program.

Publisher sues subscriber for forwarding copies of magazine

A magazine publisher is suing a subscriber on copyright infringement after the subscriber allegedly sent electronic copies of the magazine to others in the company.

Man sues couple over High Island property purchase

A man set to purchase property is suing a couple, alleging fraud regarding the purchase.

Electrical system supplier sues over bill

An electrical system supplier is suing a client on claims they haven’t paid their bill.

Employee sues Bealls claiming age discrimination

A store manager is suing his employer alleging he was fired because of his age.

Inventor sues company for breach of contract, fraud

A business owner is suing the company he struck a deal with because he isn’t being paid what he expected.