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Recent patent infringement cases filed in the Eastern District of Texas

Patent infringement cases filed Jan. 27-31, 2014.

Credit union files an order for foreclosure on Beaumont property

A Jefferson County credit union has filed an order for foreclosure on a property in the city of Beaumont. 

Bank sues heirs seeking foreclosure of Port Arthur home

A bank has filed an order for foreclosure on a property in the city of Port Arthur.

Home owners sue alleging contractor caused water damage

A contractor is facing suit after allegedly causing water damage in a home.

Rear end collision on I-45 results in lawsuit

A man is suing after sustaining injury in a car collision.

Fatal car collision results in lawsuit

A League City resident is facing a lawsuit after allegedly causing a fatal car collision.

Lawsuit results after Texas Avenue car accident

A man is suing after sustaining injury in a car collision on Texas Ave.

Couple sues former employers in asbestos lawsuit

A Texas couple is suing a number of businesses they claim contributed to an employee's lung cancer.

League City resident sued due to $50k unpaid business debt to gold company

Ahron Lipski-Cohen filed a lawsuit in the Galveston County Circuit Court on Jan. 29, against Leslie Heratage Milici, doing business as Webster Precious Metals, over an allegedly unpaid debt. 

Slip and fall at the Neighborly Store in Beaumont leads to lawsuit

Dwight Talton filed suit in the Jefferson County District Court on Jan. 23, naming Overseas Enterprises USA Inc., doing business as Neighborly Store, as the defendant. Talton is suing over injuries he allegedly sustained when he fell at the defendant's store.

Gryphon USA Energy sued for unpaid business debt

Versatile Marine Services Inc. filed suit in the Jefferson County District Court on Jan. 21, naming Gryphon USA Energy LLC as as the defendant. Versatile is suing Gryphon over a business debt.

US Bank seeks court approval to foreclose on a home in Beaumont

US Bank filed an Application for Home Equity Foreclosure in the Jefferson County District Court on Jan. 21. 

Jefferson County 172nd District Court: Docket for March 2014


Legally Speaking: The power of belief

Belief can be a powerful thing.  Sometimes, the law will, under certain circumstances, show deference to that belief, such as the individual who recently persuaded the Department of Motor Vehicles to allow him to have his driver’s license photo taken while wearing a spaghetti strainer on his head (he claimed to be a practicing “Pastafarian”).

Cellular One accused of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act

A cell phone sales woman who suffers from arthritis has filed suit against Cellular One claiming they would not accommodate her disability.

Former worker sues industry over alleged discrimination

A Hispanic worker is suing his former employer claiming he was the victim of racial discrimination.

Bicyclist sues Denison police officer over abuse allegations

A bicyclist is suing a police officer and the city of Denison claiming the officer beat him while he was in custody.  He alleges the city allows that type of behavior and is seeking $1 million. 

Woman sues Walgreen's for minimum of $200K in damages

A Groves woman is suing Walgreen's over a fall in a store's doorway.

Business sues over vehicles damaged in chain reaction crash

A League City businessman is suing a driver and the owner of a vehicle for damages to both his tow truck and the vehicle he was hauling.

Our View: No room for more judge-bullies

We don’t know if it was a late Christmas gift, an early Valentine’s present, or a combination of the two, but last Monday Gov. Rick Perry gave Galveston attorney Tony Buzbee something he always wants: his own judge.