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Steel detailer seeks remainder of payment from HME

A Collin County man is suing a Kansas company, alleging lack of restitution for his steel detailing services.

German company alleges lack of payment for charter vessel

HOUSTON--A German vessel supplier is suing three transportation and shipping companies, alleging they did not pay for a charter they solicited from the plaintiff.

Worker alleges Conroe Concrete did not pay overtime

HOUSTON--A Polk County worker is suing his former employer, alleging unpaid overtime wages.

Importer seeks to avoid liability for longshoreman's death

HOUSTON--An importer is suing insurers in an effort to avoid liability for a longshoreman's death.

Insurer alleges Veritas Mechanical failed to make payments

HOUSTON--An insurance company is suing Houston contractors, alleging non-payment to suppliers and subcontractors for supplies and labor.

Houston employee alleges ICare Dealership did not pay overtime

A Houston employee is suing his company, alleging it failed to pay overtime.

Galveston County seaman alleges Marine Spill caused injuries on the job

A Galveston County seaman is suing an oil spill response company, alleging negligence for his injuries on the job.

Anadarko Petroleum blamed for injuries on offshore drilling rig

GALVESTON — A Louisiana man is suing the owner of an offshore drilling rig in Texas after being injured on the platform.

Missouri City radiographer alleges age and race discrimination

HOUSTON — A Missouri City radiographer is suing a former employer over alleged age and race discrimination in the workplace.

Trican Well Service sued over claims of unpaid overtime

HOUSTON – A Nueces County man has filed suit against his former employer for alleged unpaid overtime over the course of his employment.

League City resident sued after dog allegedly attacked minor

GALVESTON – A Galveston County woman is suing on behalf of her younger friend after the child was allegedly attacked by a dog.

Woman slips on algae, sues apartment complex and management

GALVESTON – A Harris County woman is suing a realty management company and the apartment complex it represents after allegedly slipping and falling on its premises.

Louisiana-Based company sues EOG Resources for unpaid services

A Louisiana-based company which performed certain duties and services to a Texas-based company is suing over an allegedly unpaid invoice for services rendered.

Louisiana technician sues employer, alleging negligence in workplace injury

A Louisiana technician is suing his employer, alleging negligence for injuires suffered while working on equipment.

Harris County man sues transportation company, alleging negligence in traffic incident

A Harris County man is suing a transportation company, alleging negligence in a traffic accident involving one of its employees.

Harris County man sues technology firm, alleging wrongful termination, discrimination

A Harris County man is suing a technology business, alleging termination and discrimination due to violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Houston driver technician sues transport company, alleging unpaid overtime

A Houston driver technician is suing a transport company, alleging unpaid overtime wages for services rendered.

Denton County woman sues T-Mobile, alleging lost wages on medical leave

A Denton County woman is suing T-Mobile, alleging lost wages due to medical leave and disability.