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Exxon argues for Texas justice as it defends self from climate change lawsuits

By David Yates | Jan 17, 2019

FORT WORTH – Texas justices will soon decide whether California municipalities took aim at Texas-based free speech by bringing climate change lawsuits against ExxonMobil, a Texas company, in California courts.

Exxon calls Cali climate change lawsuits ‘abusive’ and ‘baseless,’ says attempt to challenge its counter litigation ‘falls flat’

By David Yates | Oct 2, 2018

FORT WORTH – California municipalities took aim at Texas-based speech by filing “baseless” climate change lawsuits and a Texas trial court was right to exercise personal jurisdiction over them, according to ExxonMobil’s recently filed appellate brief.

States against climate change lawsuits ask for dismissal of NYC's

By John O'Brien | Jun 5, 2018

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – The top lawyers of 15 states are again asking a federal judge to reject the legal strategy used by public officials and the private attorneys with whom they’ve teamed to sue the energy industry over alleged effects of climate change.

ConocoPhillips wins contract dispute over drilling project

By Amanda Thomas | Jun 4, 2018

HOUSTON – ConocoPhillips Co. has won a contract dispute over a drilling project after a state appeals court found that a drop in oil prices isn’t a natural or man-made disaster.

Former employee claims ConocoPhillips failed to pay for all hours worked

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 28, 2017

HOUSTON – A former ConocoPhillips Co. employee has filed a class action suit over allegations he was not compensated for all hours worked.

American man transferred to Australia by ConocoPhillips alleges he was terminated because of his national origin

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 28, 2017

HOUSTON – A Houston man alleges he was discriminated against by his former employer because he is an American.

Texas House Insurance Committee advances hailstorm lawsuit bill

By David Yates | Apr 4, 2017

AUSTIN – On April 4, the Texas House Insurance Committee advanced House Bill 1774, a consumer protection bill that implements what one group is calling “common-sense accountability measures to stop rampant weather-related lawsuit abuse, while preserving the strongest protections in the nation for property insurance consumers.”

Benzene suit names BP, 19 other companies as defendants

By David Yates | Jan 5, 2017

BEAUMONT – A total of 20 companies, a list that includes, BP, Chevron USA and Texaco, were recently named in a benzene lawsuit.

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