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Nursing supervisor alleges disability discrimination, retaliation

A nursing supervisor is suing her former employer, alleging retaliation and unjust termination after she became disabled in a workplace accident.

Workers allege well service company failed to pay overtime

A group of frormer workers for a well service company is suing the company, alleging it never awarded them overtime pay they say they deserve.

Collection firm allegedly overstates amount owed, sued by alleged target

A man is suing a collection firm tasked with collecting a long-overdue court judgment against him by allegedly overstating the debt amount.

Employers sued over alleged failure to pay overtime

A class action lawsuit seeks compensation from their employers who allegedly refuse to pay overtime to certain workers.

Negotiating firm sued over allegedly unpaid bills

A company was that hired by another firm to negotiate claims on several properties is asking the court to make that firm finally pay up.

Couple sued over unpaid loan

A bank is suing a couple for taking out a home loan but going into default.

Company leases printers, sued for allegedly not paying for them

A financing firm is suing a company that leased three printers but allegedly has failed to pay for them.

Driver cited with causing three-car accident sued by driver she rear-ended first

A man who was injured in a three-car accident in 2014 is suing the driver who allegedly rear-ended him.

Construction companies, subcontractors sued for allegedly not paying overtime

BEAUMONT -- Construction laborers are leading a class action lawsuit against their former employers for allegedly failing to pay them for regularly required overtime.

Company sued by ex-delivery man for alleged failure to pay him for overtime

A delivery man is suing his employer for allegedly failing to pay him for overtime.

Debt collector sued by couple for allegedly trying to collect debt included in bankruptcy petition

A couple going through bankruptcy is suing a debt collector for allegedly causing them anxiety and work-related stress.

Coastal Resources sues over unpaid bill

A Galveston County construction supplier is suing to collect on services rendered to a local excavation company.

Woman sues over allegedly wrongful firing

A woman is suing her former employer for alleged discrimination and retaliation in her termination.

Man files $1M suit over broken back sustained in workplace assault

A man who's back was broken when hit while at work is suing the man who hit him and his company for its own alleged role in the incident.

Three women sue Memorial Hermann over retaliatory leave firings

Three women fired while on medical leave are suing their former employer and two supervisors for alleged discrimination and retaliation.

Man sues over alleged workplace retaliation

A man is suing his former employer for allegedly retaliating against and firing him after the man cooperated with a federal investigators looking into company abuses.

Man's estate sues John Deere over allegedly fatal backhoe design

The estate of man killed while operating a backhoe loader is suing the manufacturer for an allegedly unsafe design.

Verizon sues food company after trucker strikes cable

A communications company has sued a food business over an accident allegedly caused by one of the food business' drivers.

Tyson Foods cited over on-the-job injuries

A Panola County couple has sued a major food company, alleging injuries the wife suffered on the job.

Nursing home accused of negligence in woman's last hours

A late woman's estate is suing over how the last moments of her life were handled by a skilled nursing facility.