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Jury awards man $4.8 million in damages in Ford Explorer defect case

By Takesha Thomas | Sep 17, 2018

MCALLEN – Ford Motor Co. will now have to pay $4.8 million damages to a Hidalgo County man whose arm was amputated in a rollover accident involving one of the company's vehicles.

Appellate court rules trial court did not err in case involving Ford Motor

By Justin Stoltzfus | Mar 6, 2018

HOUSTON – A memorandum opinion from the 14th Court of Appeals by Justice John Donovan upholds a trial court's ruling in a case involving Ford Motor Co. and an application for the approval of an asset purchase agreement.

Family of Mexican man who died when Ford crashed in Mexico can’t file suit in Jefferson County, justices find

By David Yates | Feb 26, 2018

BEAUMONT – Jefferson County does not have jurisdiction to hear a lawsuit brought by the family of Mexican man, who was killed when the Ford vehicle he was riding in crashed in Mexico.

Children allege Ford truck woman was driving in SH 47 accident was not crashworthy

By Philip Gonzales | Jan 30, 2018

HOUSTON – The children of a woman killed in a single-vehicle auto accident in Brazos County allege the truck she was driving was not crashworthy.

Consumer claims Ford Focus has defects, transmission issues

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 31, 2017

HOUSTON – A Houston consumer alleges a Ford vehicle he purchased has transmission issues that are still occurring after repair attempts.

Customer blames Ford for defective car

By Philip Gonzales | May 22, 2017

HOUSTON — A Harris County woman is suing Ford, alleging breach of express and implied warranties.

Texas company settles lawsuit against Ford over LED product patent infringement claims

By David Hutton | Mar 21, 2017

TYLER – Ford Motor Co. has settled a lawsuit filed by the manufacturer of light-emitting diode products, alleging the automaker infringed on one of its patents for LED directional control technology in the headlights of some vehicles.

Ninth Court to review jurisdiction issue in suit over Mexican’s death in Explorer rollover

By David Yates | Jan 10, 2017

BEAUMONT – The Ninth Court of Appeals has agreed to hear oral arguments in a case questioning whether a Texas state court truly has jurisdiction over a lawsuit brought by Mexican Nationals over a fatal Explorer rollover incident that occurred in Mexico.

Houston woman alleges Ford Fiesta she purchased is defective

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 13, 2016

HOUSTON – A Houston consumer claims a vehicle she purchased has numerous defects.

Rosenberg motorist accuses Ford of design defect

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 21, 2016

GALVESTON — A Rosenberg motorist is suing Ford, alleging negligence and a manufacturing defect.

Family accuses Ford Motor Co. of negligence in truck's design

By Wadi Reformado | Jun 14, 2016

SHERMAN – A Little Elm family alleges that they were injured when a truck caught fire after an accident.

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