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Man helping with tree pruning sues after 25-foot fall

Kountze resident Clifford Cole is suing Beaumont local Douglas Turnbull claiming Turnbull indirectly caused him to be struck by a tree limb and fall 25 feet.

Man slips on wheelchair ramp, sues Wells Fargo

While exiting a Wells Fargo Bank, Beaumont resident Ervin Victoria claims she slipped on a wet handicap ramp and fell. 

Compass Bank sues contractor for $137K past due loan

Seeking to collect more than $137,000 on a delinquent loan, Compass Bank has filed suit against Robert Hardy Sr. and his company, Hardy Contractors.

Insurance agent sues State Farm over 'scratch agency' program

Claiming that it was a “gigantic mistake” to start his career as a State Farm scratch agent, Arizona resident Mark Gaudio has filed suit against the insurance company, alleging the company oversold him on the position. 

Werner Enterprises sued for driver’s collision

Beaumont local James Sheffer Jr. has filed suit against Werner Enterprises and its employee, Timothy Shockley, who allegedly caused an automobile collision. 

Residents sued over alleged failure to pay for property

Two Jefferson County residents have filed suit against the people who they claim failed to pay for property sold to them.

Beaumont man failed to make credit card payments

A credit collector has filed suit against the Beaumont resident who it claims failed to repay money borrowed on his credit card. 

Woman files suit over collision

A woman has filed suit against the company that she claims caused her to sustain injuries in an accident. 

Jefferson County residents allege former property owner wrongly attempting to foreclose

Two Jefferson County residents claim they wrongly face foreclosure after the lender of their mortgage failed to honor his agreement with them. 

Man sues for damages sustained in rear-end collision

A Beaumont man claims he suffered severe injuries to his back, upper extremities and shoulders after a driver rear-ended him at an intersection. 

Son of deceased man files suit for father's rig death

The son of a man killed when a rig fell on top of him is blaming the company responsible for erecting the equipment for causing his father’s death. 

Insurance company refuses to pay for damages caused during collision

A woman claims her insurance company refuses to pay her the proper proceeds for damages she allegedly sustained during a collision. 

Truck driver hits vehicle while motorist attempts to help victims, suit says

A woman claims she suffered severe injuries after a truck driver rear-ended her vehicle when she stopped to help victims of another car accident.

Two people seek damages from drivers involved in multi-vehicle accident

Two Beaumont residents claim they sustained multiple injuries after a driver caused a multi-car collision. 

Multiple injuries suffered during multi-vehicle collision

An Orange County man claims he suffered severe bodily injuries after three drivers caused a multi-vehicular collision.

Toyota takes exception to suit over Highlander design flaw

Toyota Motor Sales recently filed a special exception in litigation brought by Sarah Patton, who filed a lawsuit on behalf of the late Pamela Freeman after her Highlander hydroplaned on a wet road and crashed.

Recent real estate foreclosures filed in Jefferson County

• HSBC Bank USA has filed an application to foreclose on the property of Stephen and Stephanie Barclay, located at 1506 Herring Ave., Port Neches, Texas 77651. 

Toxic tort claim brought against 26 companies

Huey and Therese Lovelady have brought a toxic tort claim against 26 defendant companies.

American Express sues Beaumont resident over past due account

Seeking to collect on a past due account, American Express Centurion Bank has filed suit against Beaumont local Regina Montes. 

Trip & fall lawsuit against Parkdale Mall called to trial

A trip-and-fall lawsuit brought against Parkdale Mall has been called to trial.