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Consumer alleges credit report agency provided false information

HOUSTON – A Texas consumer is suing a credit report agency, alleging its report on his credit contained false information.

Insurance companies clash over coverage in crash

HOUSTON – An insurance company is suing a competitor, alleging the defendant should pay costs incurred in defending a motorist involved in a crash.

Worker alleges former employer won't allow him to pursue other work

BEAUMONT – A Jefferson County man is suing a former employer in an effort get out of a contractual work agreement.

Woman alleges she was injured at Family Dollar store

BEAUMONT – A woman is suing a discount store for more than $1 million over a claim that she suffered injuries when an employee mishandled some merchandise that hit her from behind.

Rosharon woman alleges she was terminated after taking second maternity leave

HOUSTON – An events and catering manager has sued her former employer over a claim that it fired her right after she took maternity leave for a second time in retaliation.

Woman sues hotel chain over alleged injuries suffered in an elevator

BEAUMONT – A Garland woman is suing the owners of a chain of hotels, claiming that she suffered injuries when an elevator she was in at a hotel in Beaumont unexpectedly fell several floors.

Family alleges doctor's botched surgery led to death

BEAUMONT – A family is suing a Jefferson County doctor, alleging a botched gallbladder removal surgery led to the death of a relative.

Jefferson County man seeks more information over chemical exposure

BEAUMONT – A Jefferson County man and his wife have filed a petition to determine if the husband should file a claim over alleged injuries he suffered after being exposed to unknown chemicals while working at an operations plant.

Marine service company alleges ship owners owe more than $214,000

BEAUMONT – A Jefferson County marine services business is suing the owners of shipping vessels, alleging they owe $214,632 for delinquent berth and security services.

Engineering firm seeks to collect nearly $3 billion from Samsung drill ship

HOUSTON – A Houston engineering company is suing Samsung in an effort to collect more than $2.8 million in contractual repair fees.

Ship worker blames Wagenborg Shipping for injuries aboard vessel

BEAUMONT – A Nederland man is suing a Dutch shipping company, alleging negligence after he said he suffered injuries aboard one of the defendant's vessels.

Patient alleges Jefferson County doctor over-prescribed anti-psychotic drug

BEAUMONT – A Port Arthur patient is suing a Jefferson County doctor, alleging over-prescribing an anti-psychotic drug that left the plaintiffwith a permanent condition, requiring her to wear a neck brace.

Motorist blames Schneider National Carriers, driver for accident, injuries

MARSHALL – A motorist is suing a national trucking company, alleging gross negligence after she says one of the defendant's big rigs drove through a red light and struck her car.

Ex-workers seek $265 million from Occidental Petroluem profit sharing plan

HOUSTON – In a class action complaint, former employees of Occidental Petroleum, who are also citizens of Ecuador, are suing the company, alleging they are owed more than $265 million from a statutory profit sharing plan.

Beaumont woman blames CST Corner Store for fall, injuries

BEAUMONT – A Beaumont woman is suing a local convenience store, alleging negligence for injuries she says suffered during a fall at the store.

Mechanic alleges Cat5 Resources failed to pay overtime wages

BEAUMONT – A Texas man is suing a Jefferson County telecommunications engineering company, alleging not paying overtime compensation.

Beaumont woman blames Weingarten Realty for fall

BEAUMONT – A Beaumont woman is suing a realty company, alleging negligence over a slip and fall at the defendant's office.

New Jersey business alleges Showcase Systems shipped incorrect Coke bottling equipment

TYLER – A New Jersey equipment manufacturer is suing a Carthage business, alleging it shipped the wrong piece of bottling equipment to Coca-Cola Puerto Bottlers and refused to correct the problem.

Port Arthur homeowner alleges Allstate failed to pay for flood damage

BEAUMONT – A Port Arthur homeowner is suing Allstate Insurance, alleging breach of contract in connection with a flood insurance policy.

Worker blames Choice Exploration for injuries suffered in fire

BEAUMONT – A Texas worker is suing a Jefferson County industrial facility, alleging negligence for injuries he says he suffered from a ``blow-out” fire.