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Houston excavation business taken to court

A Galveston County utility operation is suing a Houston excavation company, alleging damage to an undeground cable.

Multiple Texas companies named in breach of contract lawsuit

A Michigan trucking and shipping unit is suing several Texas companies for breach of contract.

Life insurance company asks court to determine recipient of death benefits

A Nebraska life insurance company is asking the Texas court to determine the payout of a $1 million inheritance.

Houston area employees sue Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. for discrimination

Three black former and current employees are alleging racial discrimination in Goodyear's promotion practices.

Houston investment company sued over trademark infringement

A Houston wealth management company is being sued for trademark infringement by a business with a similar name.

Harris County residents sue home insurance company after denying claim

A Harris County couple is suing a home insurance company after it denied their damage claim. 

Former sea employee sues Halliburton

A former employee who worked aboard a sea vessel owned by Halliburton is suing the oil drilling company, alleging he suffered serious injuries while on the job. 

Collision leads to court action against trucking company

A Dallas trucking company is suing an Oregon trucking business, alleging a collision occurred because the driver parked on the side of the highway to urinate.

Building materials company alleges unpaid bills 

A Galveston County building company is suing a local construction venture, alleging it owes them more than $30,000.

Beaumont medical service sues shipping vessel for unpaid bills

An international shipping vessel is being sued by a Beaumont city health company, which alleges the vessel has not paid them for medical services rendered.

Utility company sues Galveston County road excavation crew

A Galveston County utility company is suing an excavation company, claiming it damaged its facilities.

Truck company alleges motorsports company guilty of trademark infringement

An Arizona diesel truck company is suing Unique Motorsports Inc. of Lewisville, alleging trademark infringement. 

Mother alleges son forced her to relinquish power of attorney while ill

A Pflugerville woman is suing her son, alleging he coerced her into giving him power of attorney while see suffered from a medical condition.

Widow alleges wrongful death in husband's passing

A Shelby County woman is suing Chrysler and Geico, alleging wrongful death in her husband's passing. 

Patient alleges botched surgery

A Jefferson County man and his wife are suing two Houston doctors and the hospitals they're associated with, alleging medical malpractice.

Driver sues city meter reader after car accident

A Jasper County resident is suing a Beaumont city meter reader and her employer following a car collision.

Construction worker sues building companies after forklift accident

A Texas City construction worker is suing two local construction businesses after a forklift accident caused him serious injury.

Boat owners sue boating repair shop for fraud

Two Galveston County residents are suing Evans Marine Services for fraud and misrepresenting its business.

Student at Texas A&M University sues fellow student for defamation

A Texas A&M University student is suing the university and one of its students for what he claims is a false accusation of sexual assault.

U.S. alleges Beaumont guilty of housing discrimination

The United States is suing the city of Beaumont, alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in its housing practices, violating both the Fair Housing Act and the Civil Rights Act.