News from December 2017

Jefferson County 58th District Court Docket: January 2018

By John Suayan | Dec 1, 2017


Recent patent infringement cases filed in the Eastern District of Texas

By John Suayan | Dec 1, 2017


Harris Co. faces lawsuit over alleged jail assault

By John Suayan | Dec 1, 2017

HOUSTON – A Harris County man sued the county after he was allegedly assaulted in the jail.

Complaint accuses Houston Methodist of terminating woman with hypoglycemia

By John Suayan | Dec 1, 2017

HOUSTON – A Houston woman alleges that Houston Methodist Hospital fired her because she suffers from hypoglycemia.

Ms. fitness company claims former employee embarked on venture in violation of agreement

By John Suayan | Dec 2, 2017

GALVESTON – A Mississippi company that owns and manages fitness clubs throughout Texas is suing a former employee of its Galveston franchise for reportedly misusing trade secrets, recent Galveston County District Court records show.

Woman sues transportation service for injury to femur sustained during ride to doctor's office

By John Suayan | Dec 4, 2017

HOUSTON – What was supposed to be a ride to the doctor’s office for one Harris County woman last year has resulted in a lawsuit.

Ninth Court dismisses workers' comp suit citing lack of jurisdiction

By Dee Thompson | Dec 4, 2017

BEAUMONT – The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals at Beaumont has ordered the trial court to dismiss a truck driver's workers' compensation suit and ruled the suit’s proper venue was the Division of Worker’s Compensation.

First Court of Appeals affirms liability in traffic death case

By Sara McCleary | Dec 4, 2017

HOUSTON – In a decision filed Nov. 21, the Court of Appeals for the 1st District of Texas affirmed a trial court’s decisions concerning the allowance and exclusion of evidence in a case seeking damages for the death of a woman in a traffic accident.

Judge or joker? You be the jury

By The Record | Dec 4, 2017

When did some judges become comedians, albeit mediocre ones who have to laugh at their own jokes? You can almost hear these jurists chuckling at their assumed cleverness when you read their opinions and come across another witless witticism, often a lame pun on a litigant's name or marketing slogans. Here's a recent example: FedEx moved to dismiss a patent infringement case against it on the grounds that the Eastern District of Texas is not a convenient forum for it. Does the judge approve the motion based on the obvious merits and recent high court decisions? No, he snarkily denies it and tries to conceal the wrong thinking with a limp joke on the company's slogan.

No summary judgment for defendant motorist who says police report shows he was pushed into vehicle

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2017

BEAUMONT – A defendant in an automobile collision lawsuit who argued that a police report shows his vehicle was pushed into the plaintiff’s vehicle after he was rear-ended was denied summary judgment.

Texas AG joins effort to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons in states where they don’t reside

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2017

AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has joined 23 other states in urging Congress to enact national concealed-carry reciprocity legislation.

Discrimination suit against Wells Fargo dismissed

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2017

HOUSTON — A Houston woman’s suit against Wells Fargo, which alleged unlawful employment practices and discrimination, has been dismissed.

Motorist files suit against Lickity Split Expediting, driver after North Freeway collision

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 4, 2017

HOUSTON – A Louisiana man is seeking damages after a collision with a commercial truck in Harris County.

Former M&M Transit driver alleges he was misclassified as an independent contractor

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 4, 2017

HOUSTON – A former driver for a nonemergency medical transportation service in Harris County alleges he is owed unpaid overtime wages.

Two individuals allege DRR Construction has failed to complete house in timely manner

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 4, 2017

GALVESTON – A Galveston County contractor is alleged to have failed to complete the construction of a residence on time.

No warning signs for boxes in aisle, alleges slip & fall suit against Family Dollar

By David Yates | Dec 4, 2017

BEAUMONT – A lack of warning signs for boxes in an aisle of a Family Dollar store allegedly caused a Beaumont woman to slip and fall nearly two years ago.

Mogonye Land Tech LLC alleged to have failed to pay former laborer overtime wages

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 4, 2017

HOUSTON – A Houston man alleges a landscape company he formerly worked for as a laborer failed to pay him overtime compensation.

MaxBowl East guests allege unsecured table caused fall, injuries

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 4, 2017

HOUSTON – Two individuals allege they were injured by an unsecured table at a Baytown establishment.

Brake Check service manager alleges he is owed unpaid wages

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 4, 2017

HOUSTON – A service manager for an automotive repair shop alleges he is not paid for all hours worked.

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