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In the wake of previous failures, Michigan lawyer again sues social media companies over alleged terrorist links

By John Breslin | Mar 12, 2019

DALLAS (Legal Newsline) – An attorney gaining a reputation for representing plaintiffs suing social media organizations over claims they aided and abetted terrorists is involved in yet another case against the companies.

The Pernicious Notion of “Unenumerated Rights”

By Mark Pulliam | Mar 12, 2019

“Recognizing” phony constitutional rights is simply a power grab by progressive judges

ICT to Host 2019 Workers’ Comp Seminar

By David Yates | Mar 12, 2019

AUSTIN - The Insurance Council of Texas will host its 2019 Workers’ Compensation Seminar on April 11 at the TCEA Conference Center in Austin.

Appeals court denies rehearing in 'Baby Olivia' wrongful death case

By Gabriel Neves | Mar 12, 2019

BEAUMONT – The Texas Ninth District Court of Appeals recently denied a motion for a rehearing in the case involving "Baby Olivia," whose parents sued Medical Center of Southeast Texas for wrongful death.

Reaud Morgan Quinn sues competing law firm for seeking a cut of the action

By David Yates | Mar 12, 2019

BEAUMONT – Reaud Morgan and Quinn, one of the area’s most well-known law firms, is suing a Houston law firm for seeking a cut of a settlement in a case that it claims was mostly handled by RMQ attorneys.

IHOP non-suited from ‘exploding egg’ lawsuit just days after it was filed

By David Yates | Mar 12, 2019

BEAUMONT – In the time that it takes to microwave an egg (well maybe not quite that fast), the International House of Pancakes has been non-suited from a lawsuit brought by a customer alleging an egg exploded in her face.

Publishing company alleges business partners breached contract

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 12, 2019

SHERMAN — A publishing company is suing a business partner, alleging breach of contract.

Customer alleges Walgreen's negligence caused fall

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 12, 2019

HOUSTON — A Harris County customer is suing Walgreen, alleging negligence caused her to slip and fall.

Couple alleges ministry released private information to be used against them

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 12, 2019

HOUSTON — A unidentified couple is suing a ministry, alleging private information was released and used against them.

Guest alleges Motel 6's negligence caused her fall

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 12, 2019

HOUSTON — An Oklahoma woman is suing Motel 6, alleging she was caused to fall due to a faulty shower bench.

Customer blames 24 Hour Fitness for fall in gym

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 12, 2019

HOUSTON — A customer is suing 24 Hour Fitness, alleging negligence caused him to slip and fall.

Ocean vessel worker alleges negligence led to severe injuries

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 12, 2019

HOUSTON — An ocean vessel worker is suing his employer, alleging negligence caused him to be injuired at sea.

It’s time to run the trolls out of East Texas

By The Record | Mar 13, 2019

In 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court rendered a unanimous decision in favor of TC Heartland, an Indiana-based company challenging the venue Kraft Foods had chosen for filing a patent infringement lawsuit against it. The ruling limited patent infringement lawsuits to districts where the defendant is incorporated or has an established place of business.

Getting Over the New Deal with Janus

By Mark Pulliam | Mar 13, 2019

Last year’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME (2018) is properly seen as a landmark ruling in the area of compelled speech (e.g., here and here), but it is more than that. By overruling Abood v. Detroit Board of Education(1977), the Supreme Court in Janus acknowledged that its extension of private-sector labor law precedents concerning union-security clauses to the public sector was erroneous. I have previously written about “the road to Abood” (here and here), and explained why the Court’s poorly-reasoned decisions under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) should not govern arrangements involving government employees. Justice Alito, who authored Janus and the decisions leading up to it, scathingly dissected the Court’s NLRA precedents, most of which were issued during the heyday of the Warren Court.

Texas bills aim to lower cost of civil cases, shorten time to resolve

By David Yates | Mar 13, 2019

AUSTIN – A pair of bills recently introduced in the Texas Legislature seek to cut the costs of civil litigation, expediting the process by reducing discovery time and restricting continuances.

Employee alleges Home Depot negligence led to shoulder injury

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 13, 2019

HOUSTON — A Harris County man is suing Home Depot, alleging he was injured while trying to complete work at a Houston store.

Pool worker alleges massive rock dropped on him

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 13, 2019

HOUSTON — A Harris County man is suing a masonry business and pool business, alleging he was severely injured by a massive rock that was dropped on him.

Worker blames chemical plant's negligence for serious burns

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 13, 2019

HOUSTON — A Louisiana worker is suing refinery plant owners, alleging negligence caused her to be burnt over her body and face after an explosion.

Circle K customer alleges negligence led to fall on sidewalk

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 13, 2019

HOUSTON — A Harris County woman is suing Circle K, alleging she was injured when she tripped and fell on uneven concrete.

Car owner alleges she was sold vehicle with inaccurate odometer reading

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 13, 2019

HOUSTON —A woman was sold a car with an inaccurate odometer reading.

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